The Jolly Roger Book Club

At a wide range of schools we've seen The Jolly Roger Book Club transform the sales of books to children, sometimes from a trickle into a torrent*. It's greatest impact is often on children from families who are not usually book buyers, or where there's not a lot of money to spend.

When we train parents to run the Club, there's no impact on school staff, though teachers can be a great help by encouraging children to save. Teachers often act as role models, joining the Club themselves, knowing they'll have no difficulty in spending their savings on our remarkable stock.

All the Club stationery is provided free, with savings cards featuring the school's logo, name and address. We also provide a comprehensive Club manual that contains specimen letters (in Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu as well as English) that can be sent out to parents to introduce the Club and promote membership.

To keep the Club fresh in the minds of children we have regular promotions. Our current offer is one free pencil made from recycled plastic for every £5 saved.

If you've been having one moderately successful bookfair each year, or given them up altogether, with The Jolly Roger Book Club you can have two  very successful events. Book ownership will increase among children drawn from all backgrounds, and you'll get a healthy commission in books with no restrictions on what titles you can buy with it. And you won't have to do any work selling the books - we do it all.

*A 400% increase has been achieved in schools in Coventry, Derbyshire, and Leicester.

Call us on 01455-822192, or email us, and we can send more details, or visit your school and explain how the scheme works - at a staff meeting if that would be helpful.

If your school is also seeking to promote computer literacy, you might like to consider Xybacard - our new internet based saving scheme that is built on our experience with The Jolly Roger Book Club.